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Our mission is to provide innovative solutions to reduce electricity costs and increase energy independence for our customers.

We design and implement installations using renewable energy sources. We mainly specialize in outdoor lighting and installations that obtain electricity from the sun (known as photovoltaic).

We believe that by harnessing the potential of renewable energy sources, we are improving the quality of life and the environment.

We follow the principle that small things make a big difference.


This statement comes from a simple observation: we are not alone in the world. Whether we want it or not, we are part of something bigger. family, company, society. As an individual, we are an integral part of a larger, collective life form. For this very reason, everything we do matters. An inadvertently spoken word, an inaccurately screwed bolt, an ill-fitting installation component… With every decision we make comes responsibility. One oversight can cost hundreds of thousands of zlotys, one hasty decision can have lamentable consequences, and above all, people’s trust, which is hard to regain later. Our actions are resonating with echoes, staggering wide circles in society. The end result consists of many details, hours of tedious and tedious efforts. What our future will look like depends on what we do today.

We are a company where we realize that we are part of a rapidly growing industry and we want to have a positive impact on the people around us…. We want to promote such an attitude among our customers that they pay attention to seemingly small things, seemingly insignificant savings. Often it is the smallest, small daily changes that have the biggest impact on the end result. That is why small things make a big difference.