Petra Energia/Offer

The foundation of our operations are installations using renewable energy sources.

These are mainly:

  • solar lamps
  • hybrid street lights
  • solar CCTV monitoring
  • off-grid photovoltaic installations
  • energy storage facilities

Our solutions work well in all places to which it is uneconomical to supply electricity

Using these solutions is a way to achieve significant energy savings and impressive illumination of various places, including:

  • sidewalks and promenades,
  • intersections and pedestrian crossings,
  • parks, squares, playgrounds,
  • bus stops,
  • commercial and industrial facilities,
  • and many other places.

All solar and hybrid lanterns available in our offer are autonomous and adapted to the conditions of our country

All solar and hybrid lanterns in our range are autonomous and adapted to the conditions of our country, and can operate for several days during adverse weather conditions and up to 16 hours a day. They do not require connection to the power grid, as they operate based on renewable energy sources and thus do not generate costs for its consumption. In addition, they are very simple and quick to install, as they do not require earthworks and cable connection, and on top of that they provide high quality lighting due to the use of LED technology in their construction.