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Project carried out for the Warka municipality. It is an interesting example of the use of split (or in other words, partially integrated) luminaires. You can also read about this project here.

The project’s goal was lighting up a pedestrian and bicycle path with a length of approx. 1km, located in green areas along the Pilica River. We decided to use luminaires with a separated photovoltaic module because of the possibility of positioning it exactly in the southern direction and at an optimal angle, which increases the amount of solar energy gained compared to, for example, lamps integrated. At the same time, these types of luminaires have more aesthetic look than traditional solar lanterns.

The big advantage of these lamps is the ease of installation and commissioning. With rechargeable lithium-ion batteries installed in the luminaire’s housing, the entire lamp system is ready for use, just connect the photovoltaic module using the lead wires with plugs.

Twenty-five INB type luminaires mounted on 5m high circular poles spaced about 30m apart were used to illuminate the path.

The lamps can be easily configured using a dedicated app that connects to the fixtures using Bluetooth technology.

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