Park lamp – solar LED lamps as a source of light in city parks

Petra Energia/Park lamp – solar LED lamps as a source of light in city parks

City parks are a fantastic place to meet with friends, an ideal space for walks, bike rides and picnics amidst the greenery and sounds of nature. It is worth taking care of those green parts of cities where people usually want to relax and unwind. Some of the main users of the parks are, of course, children. Playgrounds, bike paths, playgrounds are all elements of parks bustling with life. Safety in such places is a priority, which is why we encourage you to use our fully safe and functional energy-saving LED park lights.

Why choose solar lamps for park lighting?

Solar LED lamps as the main source of lighting in an urban space, such as a park, work well. In the event of a malfunction, only one lantern stops lighting, and the rest work flawlessly, as they are not connected to each other in any way, as is the design of traditional park lanterns powered by system current. This gives a greater sense of security in the city park after dusk. What’s more, park lights using LED technology and photovoltaics look really aesthetically pleasing. They are made of high-quality components, the poles are made of hot-dip galvanized steel, which is resistant to weathering. Our LED park lights have been adapted for outdoor lighting. This means that they can easily handle the toughest conditions. We use optimum safety features, so that solar lamps are characterized by a high degree of protection, at least IP 65 . This is a guarantee that our park lanterns can handle dust, dust or falling rain. The appearance of the LED luminaire comes in a classic, or sphere, such as the S2C1/12 solar park lantern, or in a more modern and minimalist version, such as the POLO DOUBLE solar lantern and POLA solar lantern. Modern park lamps are not only a source of light, but also a striking park decoration.

Solar park lamps – benefits for the environment

Choosing park lamps that use energy from the sun’s rays is the right decision. There are almost nothing but benefits associated with it.

First, the park lamp is an environmentally friendly solution. Solar lamps work by harnessing energy from the sun’s rays. During the day, the photovoltaic panel takes in solar energy and stores it in an efficient battery to keep the lamp lit at night. Renewable energy sources are profit itself. We don’t have to pay electricity bills! Our park lights are a ready-made solution, they do not need to be connected to the electrical grid. By using solar lighting in such large spaces as parks, we are making a significant contribution to improving the environmental footprint. As you know, we obtain system electricity mostly through the operation of coal mines, which have an adverse impact on the environment. Fortunately, technology is developing and allows us to use more and more interesting and nature-friendly solutions. If we care about improving the comfort of life on a planet that is crying out for help, we should take the first step towards it and choose solar lighting.

LED park lights – a profitable investment for the long term

Surely everyone is wondering how much solar lighting costs. At first glance, the price of solar park lamps may seem high, but you have to take into account that you are getting a full product that is already a finished solution. In practice, it looks like this: the customer orders a product from us and receives a ready-made lantern prepared for installation. No need to worry about connecting the mains or grounding, as our LED park lights do not require this. Installation of solar park lanterns is incredibly easy. Our offer includes only the best quality products. Their quality is manifested in durability and performance, among other things. The poles on which the photovoltaic panels and LED modules are mounted are made of galvanized steel. The LED modules we use have a long service life, as do photovoltaic modules (efficient operation for 25 years!) and gel batteries (12-year life span).

The cost-effectiveness of investing in solar LED light sources is undeniable. We don’t have to pay electricity bills, which get more expensive every year. We use solar energy, which is completely free. The only expense is the cost incurred directly for the product purchased and the service of servicing the solar lamps and possibly replacing some parts. In case of failure, the matter of repair is very simple ľ the opposite of the failure of a traditional lantern system, where it is usually the entire line that requires detailed inspection and repair. Each of our lanterns is an autonomous system.

Solar park lamp – an innovative way of lighting

Modern park lights do not have to generate huge electricity expenses. After all, we can use what nature gives us – solar energy, which is completely free. The luminous power of the solar lamps is suitable for illuminating such places as parks, squares, sports fields or playgrounds. It can also serve as a backup light, used to provide illumination when traditional park lanterns fail. We offer interesting solar lighting options at affordable prices. If you have any doubts, we are at your service with our knowledge and will be happy to provide you with all the information you need. We will also help you choose the right product.