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Semi-integrated solar lanterns

Modernization and revitalization of roads in the municipality of Baranów. – The project was implemented with the municipality of Baranów
In Mazowieckie Province. Our task was to illuminate roads in such villages as Kopiska, Frogs, Regów, Holendry Baranowskie A, Baranów, Wyczółki.

How it was implemented:

We have made road lighting in scenic rural areas. The project consisted of upgrading, and lighting roads to ensure the safety of the residents of the villages concerned and the comfort of motorists.

In this project, we installed 21 half-integrated solar lanterns at a height of 5, 5 meters. These types of lanterns are integrated with a photovoltaic module to maximize energy to power the lamp.

The advantage of these lamps, is quick installation, but they are also lighter than traditional lanterns. They also give a lot of savings.

LED luminaire40 W
Color temperature3000 – 6500 K
Luminous flux5000 – 6500 lm
monocrystalline module100 W
Pole height7 m
Luminaire at height6 m
Gel battery1 x 120 Ah
Autonomy36 hours

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