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Hybrid lanterns

Lighting of pedestrian crossings, bus bays, and intersections on district road No. 2936G near Budzisz.

Project background:

The project was implemented in sections district road no. 2936G, which included the villages of Bruk, Nowiny, and Żuławka Sztumska for better visibility, and safety. The lanterns we used in this project allow them to operate independently of the power grid, which is very important in this type of project.

How it was implemented:

In this project, we erected 23 solar hybrid lanterns. Lanterns in addition to the light fixture,
in their kit also include a photovoltaic module and a wind turbine, which already works at low wind speeds, and its design ensures quiet operation when the wind is strong.

The entire development is located in several villages next to each other.

In the village of Budzisz, where we have erected 6 lampposts, two of them at bus bays
towards Zulawka Sztumska, and four towards Dzierzgoń.

In the village of Bruk, two lanterns illuminate the bays, two light the pedestrian crossing, three light the entrance, while one lamp is located in the center at the intersection.

The rest of the lampposts have been erected in the direction of Dzierzgon road, in the village of Pawlowo, as well as on the section Żuławka Sztumska – Budzisz.

LED luminaire30 W
Color temperature5700 K
Luminous flux>3600 lm
Lamp lifeover 50,000 h
Pole height9 m
polycrystalline photovoltaic module1 x 280 W
Luminaire at height8 m
Wind turbine400 W
Starting wind speed for the turbine2.0 m/s
Gel battery1 x 100 Ah

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