Czernice Borowe – revitalization of street lighting

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Solar lanterns – revitalization of street lighting

The project was relized in the municipality of Czernice Borowe, in the village of Dzielin. It consisted of extending the existing road and sidewalk lighting.

How it was implemented:

The investment was divided into three stages, as the old luminaires that were in the municipality had to be removed and disposed of so that we could install the new solar lanterns.
We installed 4 solar lamps with built-in photovoltaic panels. The lamps were mounted on poles 6 meters high.

The advantage of these types of lamps is that they work independently of the grid, due to the photovoltaic module, and the energy is stored in batteries buried underground.

LED luminaire30 W
Color temperature5700 K
Luminous flux3600 lm
monocrystalline module370 W
Pole height6 m
Luminaire at height5,8 m
Gel battery2 x 120 Ah
Autonomy44 hours

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