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A 1.2 kW off-grid photovoltaic installation to power the switch and horn drive at the training yard, made for Bombardier Transportation.

The installation includes 4 monocrystalline photovoltaic modules of 300 Wp each. The panels will be installed on a CORAB PB series system support structure. The whole thing will be set on the ground and stabilized with concrete weight ballasts.

The modules are connected in two chains of 2 modules in each chain. Connections of modules are made with cables dedicated for DC photovoltaic installations – 4 mm2 cable with insulation resistant to outdoor conditions and UV radiation.

A set of photovoltaic modules powers, via a charge controller, a battery of four connected
series-parallel gel batteries with a capacity of 100Ah (C20) each. The batteries store the electricity generated by the modules during the day and use it to power the drives of the railroad equipment.


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  • Monocrystalline module
    4 pcs. included

  • Wind turbine
    300 W
    1 pc. included

  • Gel battery
    100 Ah
    4 pcs. included

  • MPPT controller
    1 pc. included


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