Leczyca – lighting of footpath

Petra Energia/CCTV Monitoring/Leczyca – lighting of footpath

As part of our next project, we were pleased to erect 16 pieces of hybrid lampposts along with CCTV monitoring.

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Solar lanterns with CCTV monitoring

Project background:

The project included the design and installation of pedestrian path lighting along with CCTV monitoring at the revitalized lagoon in Leczyca. The essence of the project was that the whole thing, both the lighting and the cameras, would work all year round without interruption, solely through energy obtained
From Renewable Energy Sources i.e. wind and solar.

How it was implemented:

The monitoring system at the lagoon was built on solar lanterns and integrated with the lantern power supply. It consists of 8 cameras, and each camera is equipped with a communication device to transmit video over the LTE network. In this case, the image is sent to the Municipal Police Department
in Leczyca. It is worth noting that each lighthouse is connected to a router equipped with a SIM card, with a fixed IP address. And the routers themselves are equipped with directional antennas to transmit the signal to the telecom operator. The drive that collects information is equipped with a 6TB memory.

Cameras have been set up along the path by the city lagoon, on the above-mentioned lampposts, so that the path can be monitored along its entire length.

LED luminaire50 W
Color temperature6500 K
Luminous flux>6250 lm
Lifespan of the luminaireover 50,000 h
Moduł fotowoltaiczny monokrystaliczny380 W
Column height8 m
Luminaire at height6 m
Turbine mounting height8,2 m
Gel battery2 x 150 Ah
  • Possibility to set 5 working periods with different lamp brightness levels
  • Automatically adjusting for the length of the night
  • Programming of all controller parameters (lamp operating times, light intensity, battery threshold voltages, light intensity at which the lamp is to switch on)
  • Full waterproofing
  • Maximum power point tracking (MPPT)

Solar lantern with CCTV monitoring

warranty period: 24 months

energy reserve: 33 hours


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  • IP 4MPX tube camera white 2.8mm MicroSD DeepLearning MIC IR30 UNIVIEW 1 pc. included
  • Photovoltaic module
    EcoDelta ECO-280P
    2 pcs. included

  • Petra 50 W LED luminaire
    1 pc. included

  • MPPT controller
    1 pc. included

  • Gel battery
    150 Ah
    2 pcs. included

  • Remote control for controller
    1 pc. included


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