Petra Energia/CCTV Monitoring/Łęczyca

As part of the revitalization of the Leczycki Lagoon, we have erected 16 hybrid lanterns with CCTV monitoring. You can read more about the revitalization project here.

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Model W4S8C3/50 (including CCTV monitoring)

The video surveillance system at the city lagoon in Leczyca was built on solar lanterns erected for this purpose and integrated with the lantern power supply. The system consists of 8 IP cameras of 2Mpixels each and communication equipment to transmit images via LTE network to the headquarters of the Municipal Police at the Municipal Office in Leczyca. The cameras were grouped into two groups of 4 cameras each. Each group is served by its own router equipped with a SIM card with a fixed IP address. The routers are additionally equipped with directional antennas to transmit the signal to the telecom operator’s base station. The signal is transmitted to the Municipality via the LTE network of the operator Orange. Uniview’s NVR301-16S and 22″ LED monitor are used to receive and present the received video. The DVR is equipped with a 6TB hard drive for storing the transmitted images.

The cameras were distributed evenly along the path by the city’s lagoon on solar lanterns erected there. This makes it possible to monitor the footpath along its entire length from the bridge to the shelter at the end of the path.

LED luminaire50 W
Color temperature6500 K
Luminous flux>6250 lm
Lifespan of the luminaireover 50,000 h
Moduł fotowoltaiczny monokrystaliczny380 W
Column height8 m
Luminaire at height6 m
Turbine mounting height8,2 m
Gel battery2 x 150 Ah
  • Possibility to set 5 working periods with different lamp brightness levels
  • Automatically adjusting for the length of the night
  • Programming of all controller parameters (lamp operating times, light intensity, battery threshold voltages, light intensity at which the lamp is to switch on)
  • Full waterproofing
  • Maximum power point tracking (MPPT)

Solar lantern with CCTV monitoring

warranty period: 24 months

energy reserve: 33 hours


  • IP 4MPX tube camera white 2.8mm MicroSD DeepLearning MIC IR30 UNIVIEW 1 pc. included
  • Photovoltaic module
    EcoDelta ECO-280P
    2 pcs. included

  • Petra 50 W LED luminaire
    1 pc. included

  • MPPT controller
    1 pc. included

  • Gel battery
    150 Ah
    2 pcs. included

  • Remote control for controller
    1 pc. included


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