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One of the tasks included in the development of the infrastructure located at the Natalin reservoir in the Kamien municipality was the erection of 16 solar lanterns. The lanterns are located around the lake, illuminating barbecue areas, the beach, the walking path and fishing spots.

Recreational areas located around the lagoon were perfect for solar lighting. The location is far from built-up areas and power grids, so solar lanterns are the best solution.

The lanterns used in this realization were created specifically for the client’s order. The investor required panels with more power than those used as standard. The support structures were manufactured specifically for the size of the solar panels and the pole was adjusted to accommodate the higher loads resulting from the larger panel area.

Solar lantern Model S4C2/30

LED luminaire30 W
Color temperature5700 K
Luminous flux3600 lm
monocrystalline module370 W
Pole height6 m
Luminaire at height5,8 m
Gel battery2 x 120 Ah
Autonomy44 hours
  • Possibility to set 5 working periods with different lamp brightness levels
  • Automatically adjusting for the length of the night
  • Programming of all controller parameters (lamp operating times, light intensity, battery threshold voltages, light intensity at which the lamp is to switch on)
  • Maximum power point tracking (MPPT)
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Solar lantern S4C2/30

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