Warka – split type lanterns for pedestrian and bicycle path

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Project carried out for the Warka municipality. It is an interesting example of the use of split-type luminaires (or, in other words, partially integrated) Read more in the blog...

Lamp power40 W
Color temperature2800-6500 K
Luminous flux5000-6000 lm
Discharge time> 36 h
Pole height5 m
Monocrystalline solar panel60 W
Lithium-ion battery29 Ah
  • additional protection against theft – spikes mounted around the pole
  • Degree of protection IP 65 (waterproof and dustproof)
  • steel pole, hot-dip galvanized

The use of split-type luminaires, i.e. with an independently mounted photovoltaic module, makes it possible to increase the energy obtained from the sun. At the same time, the lantern still has a compact design because the light source, battery and control module are integrated into a single housing.

Lanterns of this type are simple to install and operate. They have a built-in motion sensor and an energy optimization system adjusting the luminous flux depending on the amount of traffic and the amount of stored energy.

Solar split lanterns are great for this type of solution.

warranty period: 24 months

energy reserve: 36 hours


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