Włocławek – power supply of traffic lights

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Power masts for traffic lights, model W3S6C2, realized in Wloclawek.

Moduł fotowoltaiczny monokrystaliczny4 x 300 W
Wind turbine300 W
Turbine mounting height8,2 m
Gel battery2 x 100 Ah
  • The power mast operates independently of the power grid, only the photovoltaic module and wind turbine are used to power the signaling equipment
  • Electricity is stored in batteries buried underground next to the base of the lamp. The reserve of energy stored in fully charged batteries, in the case of extremely unfavorable weather conditions (weak sunlight and lack of wind), can provide the possibility of operating the equipment for up to 6 days of 8 hours a day

warranty period: 24 months

energy reserve: 5 hours

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