Sidewalk lamp – solar sidewalk lamp for municipal and private investments

Petra Energia/Sidewalk lamp – solar sidewalk lamp for municipal and private investments

Sidewalk lights, or rather, sidewalk lanterns, are a permanent fixture in both rural and urban municipalities. Lighting in cities and villages plays a very important role – not only decorative, but above all safety. Therefore, sidewalk and streetlights are a must-have item. However, few people realize how much trouble it sometimes takes to make the proper installation for the lanterns, to create a design that must then be approved by the relevant authorities, and how much the entire investment can cost. Also important is the energy consumption that the lanterns will generate. What if it could all be simpler, cheaper and, importantly, environmentally friendly?

Solar sidewalk and street lights ordinary and with motion sensor

Unlike traditional lanterns, solar lanterns are a huge convenience, significantly reduce costs, not only for the project, but also for use, and make our municipality much greener.

A sidewalk lantern made with solar or hybrid technology, equipped with solar panels and a mini-wind power plant, will make it unnecessary to have a full design and investment plan. The investor does not have to dig up half of the roads and sidewalks of the municipality and invest hundreds of thousands of zlotys in making installations for the lanterns. The solar lantern is a completely self-sufficient source of light that will work just about anywhere.

It is an eco-friendly type of outdoor lighting, based entirely on renewable energy. An LED lamp equipped with the right LEDs guarantees a light output suitable for the situation, which will shine continuously. However, an output with the additional use of a motion sensor is also worth considering.

Many sidewalk lanterns shine continuously all night without much need, using significant amounts of energy from the grid. It is environmentally unfriendly as well as pointless. What if this can be prevented? The use of solar lanterns and hybrid lanterns will ensure that all energy comes from natural sources, and a motion sensor will turn on the lanterns only when needed because motion is detected.

Probably many people will wonder why the lantern can’t shine all the time when we have free energy. The reason is simple – the energy itself may be free, but the components of the lantern are not eternal and sooner or later will need replacing, especially the battery. However, using a motion sensor, we can extend the life of the lantern many times over, which will make the whole investment even greener, and over the years the municipality, city, village or any private investor will incur much lower costs!

Home solar standing sidewalk lights – a way to light up your garden

Solar sidewalk lights are also a sensational way to illuminate your garden. Exterior lighting in single-family homes is often a design element that we tend to forget about, push it off to the very end, or are only reminded of it when we need it. Once we have the garden arranged, and all the flowerbeds, walkways and lawns are polished, there is no more chance to stretch the installation for garden lighting. In this case, solar lamps save us.

Many of us associate solar lamps only with small solar garden lights, which are designed to give faint light, creating interesting half-shadows in the garden. Their task is decorative rather than practical. What’s different is the solar garden lamps in standing form, which are used to illuminate the garden.

They will ensure safety and convenience at the lowest possible cost, without a lot of work, design and installation layouts. Solar lamps are completely self-sufficient, and the work itself ends with the proper anchoring of the lamp in the ground or other substrate. Equipping the lamp with a suitable motion sensor makes the lighting completely automatic, and we do not have to remember the switch.

Sensor lights are also a great deterrent to thieves, who quickly lose their resonance under the strong beam of light and the eyes of neighbors.

Our company offers everything you need to install solar lamps. We have the right solar lights and hybrid lights for your garden and driveway. In addition, we can help with the design, as well as perform a full installation service. Feel free to contact us!