Solar lamp with a motion sensor

Petra Energia/Solar lamp with a motion sensor

The evolving technology allows us to create increasingly interesting and, most importantly, eco-friendly solutions. Illuminating a city or your own garden involves huge expenses. However, nowadays we have an excellent solution for this! Solar street lamps with motion sensors can successfully replace traditional electric lighting.

What are solar lamps?

A solar lamp looks almost like a classic lantern, but it is equipped with a special panel that collects solar energy in the form of photons and then stores it in batteries. All this happens during the day, and at night the whole process is reversed – the collected energy is used to power the LED lighting panel.

Solar lamps for home and garden – solar lamps with motion and dusk sensors

A motion sensor is an interesting addition to a solar lamp. Thanks to it, we can save even more solar energy. How does it happen? The use of a motion sensor triggers light only when movement is detected within a certain range and location. If there is no need – the lamp will not waste the stored solar energy. The lighting time can, of course, be adjusted. Thanks to the use of such an additional enhancement, such as a motion sensor, the solar lighting system becomes even more efficient and eco-friendly. The motion sensor and LED diodes are the perfect combination. Why? Upon detecting motion, the lamp instantly provides 100% light brightness! This is possible thanks to the use of LED technology. A very interesting solution is to combine LED lighting technology with a motion and dusk sensor in one solar lamp. Such lamps are available especially for gardens, parks, pedestrian paths, and many other places where they work excellently, saving energy to the maximum, but also providing light when it is essential to us.

Long lifespan of solar lamps

Solar lamps operate fully automatically. What does that mean? Each lamp is a separate system that operates independently of the other lamps, as is the case with traditional street lamps connected by an electrical network, without which there is no light generation. The lifespan of solar lamps is definitely one of their greatest advantages. The components from which our lamps are built are of very high quality. We guarantee at least 5 years of trouble-free operation. The technology of LED panels used is incredibly durable, undoubtedly has an advantage over the traditional electric network, which unfortunately often suffers from various types of failures.

Solar lamp with motion and dusk sensor – benefits

A solar lamp with a motion and dusk sensor is the perfect choice! Placing it in your garden or city park brings many benefits. Products in this category are incredibly easy and quick to install. Moreover, the use of solar lamps generates huge savings: time at installation, no electricity bills, and low purchase and usage cost. Surely such an alternative to classic electrical lighting systems will appeal to everyone. Other benefits are related to the convenience of using our solar lamps. Many models can be controlled with a remote. This way, we can easily turn on the automatic mode, which means that the lantern itself decides what power of light to match the battery capacity. Lamps with a dusk sensor turn on by themselves just after sunset, which is a very useful and comfortable option.

Solar lamps operate independently of the electricity grid, they are fully autonomous, which is a huge benefit for users. Solar lamps are powered by a built-in battery and a high-efficiency photovoltaic panel, equipped with a control system, which will take care of the entire charging process of the lamp and lighting.

Our solar lamps are not only a great and eco-friendly source of light, but also have an aesthetic appearance. The lamps are made of durable materials resistant to the effects of weather conditions. Low and high temperatures do not disrupt the operation of solar lamps. In our lamps, we use high-efficiency LED modules, very high-power photovoltaic modules, and durable batteries.

Let’s take care of the environment together – choose our solar lamps

Solar lamps were created with the environment in mind. Our planet is crying for help, so it seems reasonable to use what nature gives us. Eco-friendly solutions, which we can improve thanks to continuously developing technology, are simply salvation. Together we can improve the quality of life on our planet by opting for fully eco-friendly solar lighting. We use solar energy, which is definitely a safer option for the environment than grid electricity, powered mainly by coal-fired power plants. Probably nobody needs to be reminded of the current air quality. It’s worth considering the choice of solar lamps, which are an ideal substitute for electric lighting of both private properties and public places. Using solar energy converted into electricity brings only benefits, both financial, health, and environmental.