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Before deciding to install a solar street lamp, there are several important parameters to consider.

Lamp power

Lamp power is given in watts [W]. The models we offer are generally of the order of 30-50 It should be noted that it is worthwhile to be guided by the luminous flux of the luminaire and luminous efficacy which better reflect the amount of light provided by the lantern. See article: Watts or Lumens.

Color temperature

It defines the color of light, and is expressed in Kelvin [K]. Solar LED street lighting has a color temperature in the range of 3000-6000 [K], which gives a cool, pale blue light, comparable to the cold color of daylight. It depends on the requirements of the object we will illuminate.

Luminous flux

It is administered by Lumenach [lm]. It determines the total amount of light radiated by the light source, in this case an LED lamp. How are Lumens different from Watts?

Lamp life

Lamp life is nothing more than information about how many hours the lamp will shine. Currently, solar LED lamps have a lifetime of approx. 100,000 h, which is approximately 5 years and 8 months.

Wind generator

In the case of hybrid lamps, we also provide the parameters of the wind generator, the so-called “wind generator”. of a wind turbine, with the power given in watts [W].

Starting wind speed

This is the minimum wind speed required to set the turbine in motion so that it starts generating power. For the turbines we use, it is generally 2 m/s – the speed of a light breeze, felt on the skin, at which leaves rustle. The effectiveness of a wind turbine suspended at a relatively low height depends on individual conditions.

Battery type

We use gel batteries in our installations, dedicated to cyclic operation (daily charging and discharging). They are characterized by a lower probability of short-circuiting. Although this type of battery is used more often we also use Lithium Ion (Li-lon) batteries in different varieties depending on the needs of a particular project

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