Solar LED street lamps – interesting offer for individual customers and companies

Petra Energia/Solar LED street lamps – interesting offer for individual customers and companies

Solar LED lighting technology combined with photovoltaics has entered the market for a number of reasons. First of all, it is a nod to nature – solar streetlights are an ecological solution that uses energy from the sun and does not need a connection to the electric grid. More and more people are recognizing the need for change, if only in the use of more environmentally friendly types of lighting, whether in private gardens or in public places such as city parks, playing fields and streets. Street lamps come to the rescue here.

How does the LED solar street lamp work?

In construction, the solar lamp resembles a traditional street lamp, but it is equipped with a special photovoltaic panel, whose task is to extract fully safe solar energy during the day. The sun’s rays in the form of photons are stored in very capacious batteries. This allows the solar lantern to shine for up to several days. In our products, we focus on the high quality of components used, we want to make solar lighting even more energy-efficient. Our streetlights do not require connection to the electrical grid. Solar lanterns with motion and dusk sensors are an interesting option. The motion sensor is useful wherever a constant light source is not required. This generates even more energy savings.

Solar LED street lamp – benefits

Choosing our solar lamps brings practically the same benefits.

Savings – there is no denying it, no one wants to pay a lot for electricity, and as you know – the price of electricity is increasing year after year. By betting on LED lighting, we are sure to experience a lot of savings – after all, there will be no electricity bills coming to us! The lamp shines thanks to stored energy from the sun’s rays. The light output is really sufficient. Harnessing the energy that the sun provides is an ideal solution to give our planet a breather.

Ecology – as we mentioned earlier, the solar lantern is a great replacement for classic streetlights powered by system current. System current is most often driven by coal mines, and this is followed at least by the air pollution that many countries face. Everyone who cares about improving the quality of life on our planet is starting to implement green solutions around them. Man’s use of free solar energy is a gesture that is sure to be appreciated by nature. After all, drawing on what we have at hand should become the norm. The ever-evolving LED lighting technology offers hope of improving the environmental footprint.

Durability – our solar lamps are equipped with LED light sources, which are known for their great durability. We use capacious batteries that are capable of storing really large amounts of solar energy in the form of photons.

Easy installation – we provide our solar lamps as ready-made solutions. The installation of the lantern is extremely simple, requiring no power supply. All you need to do is dig a hole for the foundation, erect the lantern and make simple connections in the inspection box.

No wiring – solar lamps do not require mains power, so they are a great solution that can be used wherever it is impossible to run electrical wires.

Efficiency – We equip our solar lanterns with power-supplying PV modules that are tailor-made so that the solar lamp batteries can charge quickly and power the lantern at night. In addition, to further enhance performance, our batteries are buried in the ground in an airtight box.

Design – the solar street lamp is made in an extremely aesthetically pleasing way. We use weather-resistant materials for its construction, which allows it to maintain a pristine appearance for a very long time. Our solar lanterns can decorate city parks, playgrounds, sports facilities, but also private gardens and properties.

LED solar lantern – is it worth it?

Recently, the RES industry has been developing intensively. It should be noted that technological advances have helped make solar lanterns more cost-effective. First and foremost, the efficiency of LED light sources has improved, allowing lanterns to shine longer while maintaining the same light output. Moreover, there is a significant drop in the price of photovoltaic modules. It might seem that a lower price goes hand in hand with a deterioration in quality, but nothing could be further from the truth! The efficiency of photovoltaic modules has definitely increased. The surging technology has also helped extend the life of both lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries.

The investment in solar lanterns pays for itself in the first stage of investment. We do not have to pay for the design and preparation of the electrical grid or grounding, as this is not required with LED solar lamps. Solar lanterns are much safer than traditional streetlights powered by system current. Going further – the cost of operating solar lanterns involves only the cost of servicing and replacing some parts. However, the most noticeable aspect related to the cost-effectiveness of solar lanterns is that we do not incur electricity costs. As you can see, investing in solar and hybrid lighting is a very cost-effective solution these days.