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City lagoon in Łęczyca

The municipality of Leczyca decided to revitalize and develop the unused area of the city lagoon, located near the allotment gardens, creating a space for residents to spend their free time. Due to the planned placement of recreational equipment, it was necessary to protect it from potential vandalism.



A project has been underway to build a pedestrian and bicycle path along the city’s lagoon and construct recreational facilities such as benches, shelters, educational boards and a large shelter that can accommodate a dozen people. At the same time, lighting has been designed along the entire length of the path, as well as a CCTV surveillance system covering the entire upgraded area.


The challenge in this project was to design and implement a lighting system along with a video surveillance system that operates year-round and is powered solely by renewable energy. Sixteen solar lanterns were installed with large PV modules and large batteries running on a 24V system(see details…). In addition, IP-type cameras have been installed on every other lamppost, communicating with the headquarters of the municipal police in Leczyca and transmitting live video. The cameras are powered by the same batteries as the lights. The image recording takes place in two places: on the recorder at the municipal police headquarters and on each of the cameras in the internal memory.

The end result

The end result is a very charming place used by more and more locals for recreation. The site is especially popular in summer. The photos also show the end result of the lighting that provides good illumination for the path, functioning practically all year round, regardless of the weather. This is complemented by solar monitoring, which, with its live streaming capability, enhances the safety of residents and protects against vandalism.

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