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Our next realization, hybrid beacons with power for active signs for Skanska.

Hybrid beacons with power supply for active signs

Project background:

As part of the modernization of Road No. 965 between Bochnia and Drwinia, pedestrian crossings at sensitive points had to be illuminated.

How it was implemented:

The system has been set up in Bochnia, and 6 pedestrian crossings on Road 965 have been illuminated. In this implementation, we used hybrid lamps that work with the power grid. It is worth noting that in this way we achieve significant energy savings over traditional networked lanterns with LED fixtures. In addition, the lanterns give a steady stream of light, regardless of the season.

Also used were luminaires with dedicated optics with asymmetrical distribution designed for pedestrian crossings.

LED luminaire40 W
Color temperature5700 K
Luminous flux>3600 lm
Lifespan of the luminaireover 50,000 h
Wind turbine300 W
Moduł fotowoltaiczny monokrystaliczny1 x 330 W
Pole height8 m
Luminaire at height5,8 m
Turbine mounting height8,2 m
Gel battery1 x 100 Ah
  • Possibility to set 5 working periods with different lamp brightness levels
  • Automatically adjusting for the length of the night
  • Programming of all controller parameters (lamp operating times, light intensity, battery threshold voltages, light intensity at which the lamp is to switch on)
  • Full waterproofing
  • Maximum power point tracking (MPPT)

warranty period: 24 months for batteries

84 months for other components

energy reserve: 14 hours


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  • LED luminaire
    Petra 541/16 C-740

  • Photovoltaic module
    EcoDelta ECO-280P

  • Hybrid controller
    PWM 15H/24

  • Gel battery
    150 Ah

  • 300 Watt Wind Turbine


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