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Hybrid lanterns and lamps

Hybrid solar lamps are gaining popularity due to their ease of installation, high reliability and low operating costs. As a rule, a hybrid lighthouse is powered by two sources of energy – from the sun through photovoltaic modules and from the wind, thanks to an installed wind turbine. Gel batteries are used as energy storage. The hybrid lamp does not require cable routing and connection to the power grid. When properly configured in Polish climatic conditions, the solar lamp can shine practically all year round. In addition, the hybrid lanterns have the ability to operate on a grid system – if there is a shortage of energy in the batteries, they can draw the missing energy from the grid.

The hybrid poles we offer are a solution for residential estates, businesses, as well as private properties. Their operation does not involve electricity charges. This is because hybrid lighting does not need to be connected to the power grid. The solar lantern has a lifespan of up to 20 years.

We provide comprehensive services for investments in solar lighting. We prepare the concept and design, deliver the hybrid lanterns and conduct their professional installation.

Main elements – What to pay attention to

  • Light fixture – We only use fixtures with LED light source. They provide the highest efficiency and application-appropriate light distribution. The powder-coated aluminum alloy housing ensures the luminaire’s durability in outdoor weather conditions.
  • Photovoltaic modules – They should work well in low daylight conditions (the autumn-winter season in Poland) and have enough power to quickly charge the connected batteries. Also important is the properly selected angle of inclination, which has a significant impact on the ability to ensure the lamp’s operation throughout the year.
  • Wind turbine – The turbine is the second source of energy for the lighthouse after the modules. It is one of the most expensive components of a lighthouse, so it is worth using where there are good wind conditions. If we do not have good wind conditions, instead of installing a turbine, it is better to increase the power of photovoltaic modules.
  • Batteries – The capacity of the batteries should be selected individually according to the configuration of the other components of the lamp. Too little capacity means a short autonomy of the lamp, too much capacity may involve the problem of fully charging the batteries. In cyclic operation, gel batteries perform best.
  • Charge controller – The charge controller is the brain of the system. The functioning of the entire lighthouse depends on its efficiency. We use controllers with MPPT, which perform better in Polish climatic conditions. They can “extract” up to 30% more energy from the modules. The controllers allow you to set the operating parameters of the luminaire and batteries.
  • Pole – supporting structure – The pole and structure should be selected according to the equipment mounted on it and the location of the lamp. Both the strength of the pole, taking into account local wind zones, and the size of the foundation chosen for the type of soil are important. The pole structure must not shade the photovoltaic modules at any time of the day or season.

Basic models

Park lantern S3C1/10Street lamp S3C2/20Street lamp W3S6C2/30Street lamp W3S3C2/30Street lamp W4S6C4/60