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Hybrid lantern

The project concerned the reconstruction of the traffic route, which included district road No. 1248N between Tereszewo and Wielbark, and district road No. 1319N between Kurzętnik and Kaluga, by erecting hybrid lanterns.

How it was implemented:

In this investment, our task, was to illuminate five pedestrian crossings in the Novomiejsk district. In total, we installed 10 hybrid lanterns that stood at pedestrian crossings. Lighting these types of places is crucial, for greater visibility for pedestrians and drivers, but also to improve road safety.

This is influenced, not only by lighting, but also by proper signage, traffic signals, or education. Hybrid lanterns are characterized by the fact that they operate independently of the electricity grid, and require a wind turbine to power them, and a photovoltaic module.

LED luminaire70 W
Color temperature4000 K
Luminous flux>8170 lm
Lamp lifeover 50,000 h
Pole height6 m
polycrystalline photovoltaic module1 x 285 W
Luminaire at height5,8 m
Wind turbine600 W
Starting wind speed for the turbine2.5 m/s
Gel battery2 x 120 Ah


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